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Hi My name is Lesley Pilling and I am the Founder and Director of the Friends
of Elvis - Save The Circle G Campaign.

I have been circulating a new Press Release with the tag line.......

UK Elvis fan Wants to Buy the Biggest Piece of Elvis Memorabilia EVER!

 As you probably know already, we are attempting to save
Elvis' (where he spent his honeymoon with
Priscilla)before it's too late; the ranch is currently up for sale and is
literally rotting away
by the roadside.  Elvis Presley fans from every continent have pledged their
support, as have members of Elvis' inner circle.  I recently organised a
meeting in Elvis' hometown of Memphis Tennessee, where we discussed our
strategy and received some useful advice from a museum director and the
Tupelo (where Elvis was born)Chamber of Commerce.  We made the USA TV news

and  we've had our story covered in a couple of UK regional newspapers.

But now we need to go National!   And that's where  you can help.

This would be a great story to run along side
the opening of the Elvis and Us Exhibition in Liverpool – hey – it's a
great story period!

We are striving to find an individual or organisation with the insight (and
funding) to jump on board and work with us to make our dreams a reality.  Who
knows – perhaps they're out there in UK!  Just think how great it would be
if running the story in the UK media helped us find them.

So - do you have any contacts in the media (TV, Radio or Newspapers)?
Do you have any suggestions who (individuals or organisations) we could

Please get in touch with me if you need more background information.


Thank you

Lesley Pilling

e-mail - friendsofcircleg@talktalk.net
or write to me at 5 Stradbroke Close, Lowton, Warrington, WA3 1AS Cheshire,