Elvis in the Cathedral

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  "I was there! Coventry Cathedral rocked! A religious revival with Elvis' numbers sung with feeling and sincerity. At first I realized that you sing with just a piano and no backing and I thought O NO this is not gonna be Elvis but when you opened up and the piano struck up the notes I was hooked, I was moved and I converted, you are sensational. You meant every word with those lilting Welsh accents. The organ thundered in, the heavens opened, I closed my eyes, my heart raced! No kidding. It was AWESOME! Jenson is well known to all of us and what a STAR and the Imperials touched my soul, but the revelation this evening was the Morriston opheus choir and your leader conductor Joy."  GEORGIE


"Guys, you filled the Cathedral with beautiful music, it was sheer joy to be there, you, Jenson and the Imperials. Your conductor's arms were dancing with the beat and controlled every melody and rythm and your young pianist lady was perfect with the backing and getting into the mood every time. And what a super contribution came from who ever played the organ, sending shivers down my spine. When you sang with the Imperials and Jenson I was in HEAVEN! Elvis was in the Cathedral! Come again soon guys"  JEFF & JEAN


"Thank you for making this a most memorable occassion, I hope you enjoyed it as much as the audience did!! Amazing show and I feel sorry for the people who missed these concerts!! Lets hope for some more shows next year"  NICKY


"The show in Llandaff Cathedral on the 18th March 2011 was so fantastic I beleive that Elvis Presley was with you all it was such a once in a lifetime to see the choir with the fantastic imperials Elvis backin group I closed my eyes and had that feeling he was in the building with you all thank you for a fantastic night wishIi could thank all the choir in person that would take same time every body left the Cathedral with very fond memories we cant thank you enough"